Global Poster Exchange

Sharing of art students work around the world in co-creation with art students around the world

As part of the introduction of the Viewbook EDU plan we wanted to connect and engage with art students around the world. 
We came up with the concept of 'The Viewbook Student Poster Exchange', a program that enables collaboration and the sharing of student work between continents. Students from art academies worldwide were invited to submit work and get a change to be selected for a poster exchange and win a year Viewbook subscription. With a set of simple guidelines the story and content was co-created with the participating students. The posters, photographed and process filmed, all brought together on the project website. 


Concept development, production and filming by Alrik Swagerman
Concept, art direction and editting by Paul Swagerman
Animation by Quinten Swagerman
Camerawork and photography by participating students.