Documentaries OF the Globe BowlBash Skateboarding series

25-minute documentaries about the Globe BowlBash Skateboarding series, featured on Eurosport and Extreme Sports Channel and made available on DVD in skate shops trough Europe.

Independent production. Partners; Globe, Braun, Independent, MTV, Eurosport, Extreme Sports Channel

Direction and filming by Billy Pols
Production and second cam by Alrik Swagerman
Artwork by Mark Rooker
Third cam by Casper Friedl
Interview cam and audio by Jaap Oudman
Rider cam by Abdul Qatbi
Additional footage by Sander Ferdinand
Interviews by Mick Johan
Photography by Ruud van Bragt
Set dressing Elza Kronenburg
Editing by Flip van de Kuil
Color correction by Paul de Heer
Sound mixing by Arno Willemstein
Production assistent Evelien Zwart
Transcripting by Titia van Roosmalen 

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