Globe BowlBash - European Skateboarding Battle

Series of alienating portraits of bowl skateboarders ready to battle 'under the water line'

For the Globe BowlBash, European Skateboarding Battle we made a series of portraits that would grab the attention and have an alienating effect. The idea for the print campaign was to have a bunch of heavy looking skateboarders to challenge their hero for battle. For example "I'm gonna beat Ivan Rivado" would be the copy line for the posters, flyers, booklets and ads for the Spanish event. This way the most well known skateboarders in the bowl skateboarding scene set the level of skateboarding and expectations for the battle that was about to take place. Skateboarding bowls origin from backyard pools, full of water. When in the 70ties in a dry summer water got scarce, the pools dried up and surfers started skateboarding in them. In this photography we wink back to that origin and figured the water would be back and the battle would take place 'under the water line'.

Independent production. Partners: Globe, Braun, Independent, MTV, Eurosport, Extreme Sports Channel

Concept, production and photography by Alrik Swagerman
Concept and art direction by Mark Rooker
Models Mick Johan, Tommie Dijkstra, Matthijs Booij