Viewbook Photostory - International Contest for the Photographic Narrative

International contest to explore the Contemporary photographic narrative 

Viewbook, the new website builder for photographers, wanted to reach out and connect with photographers on a deeper level. We came up with the concept of creating an international stage for serious photojournalists, documentary and art photographers for their photographic narratives. The Viewbook PhotoStory offered the opportunity to be published on the website, in the yearbook and featured in a physical exhibition and reach influential people in the photography industry. We worked together with photography experts such as Marcel Feil (Director of FOAM), Geert van Kesteren (Photojournalist), Roy Kahmann (Kahmann gallery). Alrik formed partnerships with GUP Magazine, Blurb Books, Workbook and Lomography. Together we made it a success.

With dedicated online promotion, the contest received close to 1000 submissions from professional and semi-professional photographers all over the world, in just three months time. After a critical pre-selection more than 500 photographic narratives were published on the contest website and hundreds of thousands of people viewed, voted an commented on them. The 400 page yearbook was well received and the exhibition in Kahmann Gallery was the cherry on the cake. 

The Photostory event put Viewbook on the radar in the photography world. It generated lots of valuable relations for Viewbook and traffic to the Viewbook website from which a good percentage converted to Viewbook clients.

Three editions of the Viewbook Photostory were produced over 2010, 2011 and 2012.


Concept, event production & contest direction by Alrik Swagerman
Concepting and graphic design by Paul Swagerman