World Press Photo Next#05

Online publication of the 12 photo essays of World Press Photo Next#05

Next#05 offers a view into the future of visual storytelling by showcasing the work of twelve promising photographers, whose talent and passion comes into focus in the World Press Photo Foundation’s annual Joop Swart Masterclass. Together with the World Press Photo team, the 12 selected photographers and masterclass mentors I created this site on the Viewbook platform. The photographers have direct access to one Viewbook account and publish their works directly. At first as an 'in progress' behind the scenes view and now the edited series, which they can keep adding to. View the 12 photo essays on

Partnership between Viewbook and World Press Photo Foundation

Partnership, concepting and website realisation by Alrik Swagerman
Concepting and project management by Rebecca Simmons (WPPh)
Concepting and Graphic Design by Teun van de Heijden (Heijdens Karwei)
Site editing by Volkan Duvan (WPPh)

Eman Helal, Egypt
István Bielik, Hungary
Alejandro Cegarra, Venezuela
Victor Dragonetti, Brazil
Édouard Elias, France
Capucine Granier-Deferre, France
Noriko Hayashi, Japan
Arash Khamooshi, Iran
Evgeny Makarov, Germany
Guy Martin, UK
Wissam Nassar, Palestinian Territories
Christian Werner, Germany